About Us

By handling products born from nature's benefits, it is essential to be more environmentally conscious.

Everything on Earth is interconnected as a community of destiny. If someone somewhere creates something harmful and releases it, someone else somewhere will suffer from that harm. Particularly in recent times, global pollution and contamination have been occurring frequently.

We aim to utilize the knowledge accumulated over more than 100 years and strive to produce safer products, intending not to be criticized by future generations.

Quality first

Hatanaka Yoshikazu Shoten, established in 1887 in Taka town, Hyogo prefecture, crafts konjac sponges using traditional methods. Handmade during the midwinter, these sponges undergo a process similar to edible konjac. They are washed, freed from lye, and frozen and defrosted repeatedly. Sun-dried for over 10 days to achieve a natural white color. No bleach is involved. The sponges dry naturally for an additional three weeks without any preservatives.